Last few weeks, I embarked on a personal journey, one that challenged me & some of my fears.


I experienced some minor set backs, but grateful for the experience, as I have pushed through the barriers and have come out stronger and I am not thanking anyone else but myself for this one. 


My fear was rejection, if I try something new, my consumers/followers won’t like it.  


I have always wanted to style some of my shoots, even though I do that to some degree in my studio; my goal with every shoot is “Capture The Art Of Love” with every Child/Family/Woman or Man that enters my studio or creative space and for each individual to have a positive experience. But this time I wanted to take it to the next level, break through those barriers, well chip away at it slowly lol.




For the  photo shoot on Sunday I chose the very beautiful Amber Lewis who will be turning 16 in a few weeks.


Her mum and I had a wonderful time shopping for Amber & the shoot and her mum believed in me & my work, gaining the trust of my customers is my no one priority.


With only 30 mins of light left late Sunday afternoon, had been raining all day and threatened to rain again, we took that window of opportunity before we got drenched.


It was extremely cold and Amber was a real star on the day, not complaining once about changing  outfits in the freezing cold and the images below are reflective of the Teens of today, more fashion orientated, how young ladies of 2012 may like to be photographed by myself.


Fully styled, make-up by myself as well, creating images like the ones of Amber for all the Teens of Australia, girls and of course boys or young men.


Next week I am styling my boys, ok boys aren’t as enthusiastic as girls and maybe there is bribery involved with my eldest but I will still capture the images I want.


In the next couple of days I will take you through Monday’s shoot with Twins Ava & Lucy, a little bit of  Fairy tale wonder, in the very cold/misty/foggy winters morning xx



You have created EXACTLY what I have been longing to be recorded as. What I see is ME in every way. I feel like I have returned to who I am (albeit  heavier, but still look and...

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