Firslty to my followers, huge apologies, LONG time between blogs. OMG over a year :(


This year has been a year of reflection, personally and business related. Since my departure from my disability work, over 2 years ago.


I have been very grateful to have had some great mentoring  with my business, The likes of Sue Bryce, Jerry Ghionis, Bernie Griffiths, Lisa Saad, Vicky Pappas, Peter Coulson, Sonya Chindamo, Jodie Turpin, Sharne Perrett and many great Photographers who I now class as my friends.


A year of  personal growth, some may have seen my transformation physically, but more importantly the positive impact  this has had on my family and my business.


A special mention to my chiropractor Deborah Leask who restored me back to health :)


Why I do what I do and not what I do.


The strong desire to provide a service to my customers of the highest of quality and the experience that will make each customers wanting more.


Educating my customers about my service and being upfront on the costs., doing things quite differently to the way I was taught in the past and the reasons “why” I started my own business. Investing in ones business and taking risks are signs of  the beginnings of being an entrepreneur.


Mine was an investment into


A business coach you say, who deals mainly with tradies, YES I say as I was eager to try something/someone different, who was not involved in the photography industry and as they  say it is paying HUGE dividends.


A workshop, mentoring program, that has taken me and my business to the next level, exceeding my expectations.


The workshop  also took me through 

  • A Business Plan (working on my profit & loss was all new to me) 
  • A Marketing Plan(Invaluable)
  • Operations Plan(A must in any business)
  • Branding(Focus on one area of my photography)
  • A Personal Plan(WOW)


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First thing I did after completing the workshop is hire myself a a bookkeeper who is truly amazing. and with my long term goal to have 3-4 staff on board.


Last year I also joined a BNI group  An invaluable way of networking and great for small business.


Last month I entered the Family Category with the Victorian Institute of Professional Photography and won 2 Silver Awards, very happy indeed, can’t wait for the National Awards in September.


My next blog post I will talk about my branding, my mission statement,  focusing on what I most love photographing  “Families” 


Create a future of what you do TODAY not TOMORROW

Quote from the workshop


Thank you Miles, forever grateful

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