I had been planning a shoot like this in my head for months. 


The goals were as follows.

  1. Wanted to hire a professional model who was comfortable with nudes, I used to do life drawing and loved drawing the female nude, males not so keen, sorry guys:(

  2. A stylist to create for me clothing/fabric that I can use for my everyday women.

  3. Be able to post these images, as most of the ladies I have photographed nude were not comfortable with having their images on my website and this I respect.

  4. Photograph the beauty of the naked female form tastefully.

  5. Be able to provide my female clients, something different, something timeless, that they can cherish  for years to come.


As you can see from the images shown below, that I chose the best model for the job; Anne Duffy.


She is elegant, graceful, beautiful, is extremely comfortable with her body, moves beautifully for the camera and best of all she is such a lovely lady x


I now also have a story board of images to show my female clients how to move & how to dress them for nude photography, if they choose to do so. At least 60% of my clients do by the end of the shoot as they feel comfortable with me.


One person who has to be mentioned on this blog post, is my extraordinary friend/photographer/stylist/artist/make-up artist/hairstylist, she is also funny/beautiful/honest/caring/loving;

Vicky Papas from Vergara.


We both went material shopping a few weeks before the shoot, to make pieces from material to drape the body. Wow to see her in action is very inspiring and then on the day of the shoot, to see how she drapes the body with her creations is amazing. I am very grateful for the knowledge and the skills she has given me to take my business to the next level. Thank you Vicky


Papas xx


Hmmmm looks like I achieved my goals for this project, please enjoy the images of Anne Duffy xx

Images are copyright to Zedphotography

No Photoshop on these images, straight out of Camera Raw. 

Images on my facebook page have had Photoshop.

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You have been our family photographer for over 10 years, your work is from the heart, that’s why everything you produce provokes such raw emotion. You are a true artist x Roberts...

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