Proudly to show off the four beautiful images that I entered into the APPA awards for 2016, this week.


I seriously don't think I have been prouder of my entries.  Decided to enter a new category this year, “The Travel Category” Did I enter these portraits into the right category? Not sure?

They were seen during my travels, photographed without them being posed, they were photographed overseas (Greece) in July of this year, so I automatically thought, “Travel” or “Documentary”.


I love these images so much as they are my family and I loved photographing them in their environment.


Did they connect with the judges? Don’t think so and now I can see why?


As beautiful and amazing as my family is, their needed to be more of a story with each photographic image, to have taken them over the line.


They Scored 75, 77, 77 and 79.


We are talking about the National Awards!!!


Photographers enter from all over the state and we come together every year for three days and it’s AMAZING!!!!!

The work displayed is outstanding and the images that get awarded are spectacular, deserving of Awards and each tell a story and some are masters in photo shop, incredible photographic work.


Every year, you hear “Judging was tough this year” It’s tough Every Year! I think


It was to make me feel better or you hear “They need to change the judges” again to make me feel better or others who didn’t make the cut. None are valid reasons to say I was robbed from getting an award, nope nope nope! More thought and work should have gone in from my end into the Photographic Awards this year.


The judges who most are masters of photography themselves volunteer their time, over and over again. They are passionate about the Australian Institute of Professional Photographic Awards. They believe in the craft of photography and want each individual to strive each year to do better and to be better.


The judges were from all over Australian, incredible talent.


Yes each image that turns around has its own interpretation from the five judges and that's ok. That's why there are five and why some images get such varied scores and the most amazing debates, why it connects with some and doesn’t with others. Every year the images and judging just gets better and better.


Why do we as AIPP Members, work on our craft every year and put ourselves through so much stress lol and adrenaline?


Many reason’s, for myself; its for personal creative growth, to achieve the next level within the Photographic Institute, to tell our story or to tell my client’s story. To come together as a family of Photographers and celebrate each other’s wins and to encourage and motivate each other, it’s such an exciting time of year!


Each year we strive to create compelling, emotive, artistic, creative, images, to connect with THE story and its about to get a whole lot more interesting on my end. Till next year, can’t wait!!!!!!


To all my amazing and wonderful colleagues, congratulations on your wins, so deserving and it's a journey to be continued, love you all xoxo


Score: 75 

Family Portrait Photography


Score 77

Family Portrait Photography-1


Score 77

Family Portrait Photography-3


Score 79

Family Portrait Photography-4

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