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Bikinis hell no!!!!!!

Having a conversation with a beautiful friend Kate last night inspired me to write this blog.

The conversation went like this, “ Why do all European women wear bikinis?”


In my suitcase I packed a one piece, two-piece that definitely covered my tummy area, a bikini???? Hell no!!!!

Oh must not forget the trusty RASHI VEST yep in the suitcase it went too.  This 48 year old women; me of course, isn’t showing my flabby bits, definitely covering up all my flaws and imperfections. I wear my trusty RASHI VEST EVERYWHERE here in Australian beaches.

My friends and family, who travel regularly to Greece, warned me.


Pft I’m not listening to them, ok so it has been 25 years since my last visit, I am not in my 20s, nearing 50 actually and I am sure women my age or older will be in a one piece,  WRONG!!!!


 ALL European women wear bikinis, yes no matter what size, what age a European is; they are ALL wearing a bikini.

They LOVE their bodies, and they love the sun. The Europeans are sun worshippers and as such want to bronze as much of their bodies as possible. Their climate during summer is fabulous, consistent and fuels the soul. They bask in the warmth and they do not stare at you, they do not judge your body, they seriously worship bodies, all shapes and sizes.



Despite the relaxed lifestyle Australians are known for, we are quite judgmental. As my friend Kate said “the eyes are upon us as soon as we hit the sand at our beaches” and it’s true…

I dislike going to the beaches here in Australia but in Crete, I felt happy, relaxed in my own piece loll but no Rashi and felt so comfortable in my own skin. I am typing away and it warms my heart. How fabulous it felt not caring about my imperfections, my stretch marks, my varicose veins, and my curves. Did I get a bikini no but I definitely will the next time I travel to Greece again…


What does this blog have to do with photography, not much, just my thoughts, blog post of our trip, and plenty of photographic images will be shared then.






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