I just adore my clients, most if not all become my friends and over the years we celebrate their most cherished milestones together. A story to be told is of two sisters and their cousin who fell pregnant with in the same time frame. The joy all 3 encountered and the joy received from their families has been overwhelming.


I have photographed their wedding, their engagement, their children and I surprised them all with a maternity shoot. Needless to say they were thrilled. The feeling of eagerly anticipating their new baby is priceless. All three beautiful ladies came to the studio to document their arrival of their beautiful boys. First came Elroy, then came Jordan and lucky last Jackson! They will treasure forever these new born photographic sessions and we at Zed photography are truly honoured to have been chosen to celebrate this precious milestone. Thank you!






To the beautiful woman that you are with the gift of capturing all the special.secret and love-filled moments of our livesyou have captured me at my best everytime you are behind the...

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