I've been photographing families for over 25 years. It's more than just creating beautiful portraiture "Wall Art" for them to have, to treasure and to pass down for generations to come, it's creating an emotional connection. So when my colleague, Michele De Cesaris (who is currently studying at NMIT and works along side me at Zed Photography) had a group portrait assignment to do I jumped at the opportunity to see what it's like to be in front of the camera with my gorgeous family.


I had similar feelings to my clients during the photo shoot, "OMG what are we all going to wear?" , "Where are we going to take the photographs?", "What time?". I had butteflies running through my stomach. Is this how my clients feel? The answer to the question is yes! My job is to guide them every step of the way weeks before the time of the photo shoot date. So getting ready for the photo shoot made me aware just how important it is to put my customers at a place of ease and comfort and to reassure them that the day will be not only fun, that we together are creating a story, their story.


The photo shoot itself was so much fun. We all had a great time and the results as you can see below blew my mind. Again, is this how my familes feel after they see a sneak peak of the photo shoot? The answer is yes. When I post a little sneak peak on Facebook which I do at least once a week, it's so exciting to see all the comments that follow from their family and friends, including my customers.

Comments like, "OMG I love them", "The photo shoot was so much fun", "Thank you for these beautiful photographs", "OMG they came out great!", "Aww these are amazing Zaharoula Harris", "I want to get married again so I can have beautiful photos like these","You really captured the essense of my family, I will treasure these forever" and "You are a true artist".


My comment to Michele when I first saw the photographs at 6am this morning was "OMG Michele De Cesaris, love love love them. Thank you so much, I cant stop staring at them. My boys look awesome. You are amazing, so very lucky". Every family should experience these feelings, it's like no other.

Booking a family portrait photo shoot is more than just ONE image, it's celebrating the love, the laughter, the light of each member of your family. 


The third step to the process is this below. I have created a beautiful portrait canvas for my family that I will look at everyday when I walk into the studio and it will make me smile and grateful that I invested the time and the money. Just like all my amazing clients , I thank you for choosing Zed Photography to celebrate your family.


Now I will take these two collages I desgined to the poll. Black and white or colour?


You have created EXACTLY what I have been longing to be recorded as. What I see is ME in every way. I feel like I have returned to who I am (albeit  heavier, but still look and...

Celebrate you


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