We are thoroughly enjoying our new clients coming from businesses around Melbourne, finding us on Google search and booking for their corporate, branding headshots.


We have been working very hard the last few years and it is starting to really pay off. The website has been one of the best investments we've made. Very easy to navigate, beautiful branding and great copywriting. Designed by Made You Look and built by Mity Digital and because they are local (Melbourne Based), they continue to help us with the website, blog posts, updated photos, etc.


No point in having a fancy website and letting it sit untouched in the cyber world.


Every business should aim to put hard work in to search engine optimization.


Do it organically first with regular posts on your blog, Facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Keep telling the stories of your clients.

Solve their problemand provide a fabulous service with an irresistible product.


Just a reminder to all business owners that post every photo on your website, make sure it has key words relating back to your business and add key words every time you post a blog.


What we have learnt is NEVER GIVE UP just keep going. If one idea/promotion does not work, try another and then another. Be a voice for your business. Talk about it with so much passion, that of course they will choose you or your business. Have a point of difference, stay focused and positive, work hard, and get help.

You can’t do it alone!


Hire a marketing person (which is what we did). Invaluable! Before we knew it, the buzz has already been created as being one of the top portrait photographers in Melbourne. Oh you are Zaharoula from Zedphotography we have heard of you.

Now that’s what I am talking about!!!!!!


When we network, all we do is listen.

We listen to our new contacts.

WE DO NOT SELL, we connect first.


We want to hear their stories. We need to connect with them and establish a relationship. We invite them to the studio to talk about it further.

No hidden costs and no surprises. First we connect, and then the sale process begins.


Most of my corporate branding headshot clients come back for a family shoot. Once they see the care we put into them, they will keep coming back.


Here are a few of our fabulous Corporate Branding Headshot Clients (notice the key words added) then they decided to get Family Portraiture done also.


Happy Clients, means a happy thriving business and one that will be around for years to come. 


Head-shot Portraiture1 Head-shot Portraiture2 Head-shot Portraiture3 Head-shot Portraiture4


Zaharoula wow!!!!!!!!! amazing, i love them so very much. You are so talented. You captured me & my girls to a t. I will treasure these photos for ever. You have given me such a...

Celebrate you


Every woman has her story to tell. Allow Zedphotography to celebrate and capture your individuality through portrait and glamour photography.


“A journey of self discovery”


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