This week, the beautiful Sharon who is 37 weeks pregnant, graced my studio doors with her partner Mike.


Such a special time in a woman’s life, from the moment she discovers she is pregnant, to the last nervously exiting days before baby arrives, being pregnant is just magical, a celebration, a milestone is a couples life.


Inviting the partner to the photo shoot is so very special, seeing that bond they both share is nothing but pure magic; I get goose bumps every time. After all they created life.


Listening to our clients needs is also what we aspire to do in the studio.


Sharon came to us with a brief, a more Organic & natural feel to the images, with the gentleness in telling their story.


We love how each client who walks through our studio doors has something wonderful to offer us as photographic artists.


We just love looking over these maternity photos; we love the organic feel to them.  First we place our clients in the right light, then we work on getting those expressions, of love, anticipation and emotion, this is our why?


The images need to connect with our audience and more importantly our clients.


Please enjoy these timeless images of Sharon & Mike and we wish him a safe arrival into this world and he will be loved by many xx


As well as the quality of the images, what’s just as important for us is working with someone who’s flexible, reliable and understands that we might want to change our minds every...

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