Today at Zed Photography we challenged ourselves by photographing the well trained male body. Not everyones cup of tea but as I have competed in bodybuilding myself back in the 90's I understand how hard it is to sculpture the body through diet, training and the right mind set. Today's inspiring story comes from Eddy Ung, Natural Body Builder and Personal Trainer at Fitness First Chadstone. Very inspiring young man at only 23 years of age as he has won over 8 titles with INBA, truly amazing.

With this shoot today, we also wanted to experiment with two different light sources. One, being Window light (natural light) and Continuous fluorescent lighting. Both very effective and we love both looks. Nice to add a bit of glamour to the art of body building.











Your photography helped us capture the essence of our brand, you have so much passion for what you do, thank you. Maria Stavrakia, Made You Look Visual Communications

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