The month of October saw the studio Zedphotography win a Silver with Distinction at the Australian Professional Photography Awards 2015.


One of our proudest moment!!!


Our highest scoring print result since joining the Australian Institute of Professional Photography in 2010.


Every year we work so hard to keep putting out our best work.  To be recognised as a professional organisation. 


We do it for us, as a creative person/artist to excel that little bit more, to create something extraordinary and maybe even make history and we do it as certain images, people, children touch our souls. 


Just like Amputee Alex did who is 4 years of age. 


Our intention with this image, was to focus on the boys strengths, his courage, his determination, not his disability. 


Yesterday I dropped into the family with a copy of his very own Award Winning Print and you know what he whispered in my ear.


'"Zaharoula I am going to be an Olympian" .....  Alex you are a star



Zaharoula’s work has blown us away & its more than art. She has so much passion, exceeding our expectations and the best part was the way she connected with us, such a beautiful...

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Every woman has her story to tell. Allow Zedphotography to celebrate and capture your individuality through portrait and glamour photography.


“A journey of self discovery”


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