For those who have been following my journey, you have seen the awesome changes in me  personally and in my business.


Firstly cannot advocate enough in having a business coach


Second, do as many networking events you can fit in:)


On Friday I attended a networking event by a group An amazing day filled with great speakers, showing us all why they are the leaders in their industry, and showing us the 5 steps needed to becoming one of the most highly valued paid people in your industry.


The networking event, that was sleek, professional and so PASSIONATE!!!!  Well done team, receipt for success.


One speaker that stood out to me where Reading his book at the moment “Life in a half second”, lots of challenges to be set by myself & thoroughly enjoyed seeing him on stage for the first time.


Andrew Griffiths - Small Business & Entrepreneurialism Expert Wow Australia’s #1 Small Business Author, more books for me to purchase, says she who used to dislike reading, now I am like a sponge.


Then the lady of the afternoon took centre stage, WOW!!!! Valerie’s presence on stage was electric, she is so funny and yes I too want to have the same presence, connection and enthusiasm when on stage.


This I am getting help with from the gorgeous Another blog post to follow on my amazing experiences with Nicola x


I had a meeting with my copywriter Rebecca Stewart, this morning, who herself is an amazing content creator(copywriter) mentioned Valerie to Rebecca, oh yeah I know her, I have read her articles in blah blah blah, she’s great!


Now that’s a Key Person Of Influence, you are well connected, well known, well regarded and highly valued.


I have so much to share will you all, exciting times ahead:)


My why in sharing all this with you as YOU are my audience, Women and Men of course.


I am working towards giving each individual especially ladies, the ultimate photographing experience. I will network, I will do workshops, I will empower myself with knowledge and 

I will be the leader in transforming women/individuals and telling your story through my passion and commitment to YOU, why because you deserve it!!!

You have been our family photographer for over 10 years, your work is from the heart, that’s why everything you produce provokes such raw emotion. You are a true artist x Roberts...

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