Today is Valentine’s Day and since I was very young I remember Valentine’s Day with very fond memories. My parents had a fruit/florist business in South Melbourne and I couldn’t wait till Valentine’s Day came around, and we all worked in the shop from the night before arranging flowers, the shop was FULL of beautiful flowers on the day, loved it!!!


The entire day was filled with happy customers buying flowers for their loved ones.


Before our day even began, VERY EARLY in the morning on Feb 14th.


Our mum would have made breakfast for all of us, with beautiful love heart chocolates, flowers and a little gift, every year xxx


Well today I am sharing this very special story, as now I am creating beautiful images for women, a very special gift of love, breathtaking images lasting a life time and in ten years or so, they will look back at them with very fond memories.


The love to create has been instilled by my mother, she loved creating beautiful flowers.


She loved her customers and they loved her. 


Everyday she would say to us: “no matter how bad a day you are having, as soon as you walk into the shop, you give each & every customer the biggest smile, the best customers service, as they deserve 100% from us”...


Thank you my beautiful parents, this is exactly what I provide to each customer that walks into my studio. I photographed Lena’s family last year and when she saw my Valentine’s Day promotion, she jumped at the opportunity. Above are a couple of the images I am allowed to show hahahaha; husbands request, as the others are for his eyes only:)


Yes my clients sign a model release form but I also respect them to ask which images I can use as promotion purposes.


Thank you John for allowing me the use of the above images.


She is indeed beautiful, we had so much fun and she loves you with all her heart.


Huge thank you to my sister for the hair & make-up, love your work, love you!


I wish everyone a happy Valentines’ Day and to the ladies who have picked up their images yesterday to show your loved ones, I hope they are thrilled with them as much as I am xx




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