The month of April saw the studio Zedphotography win 4 Awards with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography; the State Awards-Victoria.


Every year we work so hard to keep putting out our best work.  We do it for us, as a creative person/artist to excel that little bit more, to create something extraordinary and maybe even make history.


Ultimately the goal is to take out a category whether it be Victorian Family photographer of the year, Portrait Photographer of the year, Commercial, Landscape etc. Being involved with an association makes you/your business strive for better, for ones self as an artist, for the photographic industry and of course your clients. Why? Because I had all 4 of my clients with me via text present in the room, it was their story I was show casing to Victoria, and Ultimately worldwide.  Waiting in anticipation for my print to turn around, “next print please” waiting, waiting, could be hours, before MY print is shown, the day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 5.30pm, then bang!!!!!!  MY print turns around, its their, heart starts beating so fast… it’s a feeling like no other, butterflies in the trillions, emotions so high its exhilarating, friends/colleges sitting next to me, holds my hand tight and smiling. Then the moment of truth all 5 judges go up to it, study it carefully, sit down and score out of 100, they all tap in their score, it could go something like this 75, 85, 80, 81, 87.


Then comes the average………

  • 70-79 Doesn’t get you an award.
  • 80-84 Silver Awards
  • 85-89 Silver with Distinction
  • 90-94 Gold
  • 95-100 Gold with distinction


I entered 4 prints in the Portrait Category with the goal to take out a title. I didn’t take out the title, as there was some brilliant work displayed and scored better than mine. But all 4 prints I entered scored a Silver, with my FAVORITE image scoring Silver with Distinction, 86, with one judge giving it a 90 a gold, didn’t quite get their, but we will work on it for the National Awards (Australia wide) which is why I am not showing it on this blog post, as I am re entering it for the big one. Hoping to get my first GOLD!!!! Most definitely my best year (2015) and have been entering the Victorian Photographic Awards since 2010.


Here are the other 3 photographic portrait images; we are very proud and honored.


The most amazing thing about the Victorian Australian Photographic Awards is the support you receive and give to all participants; it’s the most amazing 2 days as a photographer.







You have created EXACTLY what I have been longing to be recorded as. What I see is ME in every way. I feel like I have returned to who I am (albeit  heavier, but still look and...

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