I have received so many great comments about my profile picture with my son... I have decided to share with you my experience with Zaharoula and Zedphotography.


I needed two shots when I met Zaharoula: a corporate headshot for my psychology practice PeopleWin Consulting and a picture of my son and I for my Welcoming Bebe website where I offer emotional support for mums. Obviously, I needed to convey two slightly different messages through the two pictures. 


So I came with my 2 year-old son on a chilly morning in June and off we were to do the shooting with Zaharoula.


What I really liked in the experience is that beyond the friendly face I met a really open person: Zaharoula was here for me and listening deeply to what I was trying to achieve. I was particularly clear that I wanted the picture with my son and I as a glimpse into the “Bubble of Love” experienced by a mother and her child. This meant I didn’t want us to look at the camera. It probably wasn’t what most photographers would expect but Zaharoula understood my objective and she set for us the opportunity to capture it. 


And then I was blown away by the quality of the shoot; we were talking high flying technique. When I look at the shoot (and it is above my desk so it is often!), I can only see that there is no flow, not even the tiniest thing to change, it is simply perfect! And I don’t stop hearing great comments about the picture from people who come to my place!


Only few photographers can offer you that: being genuinely open to you and truly putting their expertise to make your dream come true!


Thank you so much Zaharoula!!"

Maud Briscoe-Renaud - Innovative Coaching Solutions