Zaharoula finished her first coffee table photography book simply called “Twins” August 2012 and has currently finished  her second photography book


A Multi Award Winning Photographer; Zaharoula’s journey in the world of photography & her fascination with Twins/Multiples has been an ongoing passion now for over 25 years.


Her clients describe Zaharoula’s photographic sessions “ a wonderful experience and always strives to give us the best, she is fun, enthusiastic and in return we now have beautiful heartfelt photographic images to treasure forever”.


The “Twins” book was a personal dream for Zaharoula and a journey of discovery into the wonders that is Twins. They are her interpretations of their stories, timeless photographic photos.


Her second photography book assisted with raising funds for the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA). A not-for-profit organization comprising of multiple birth families.


Very proud to present “The Wonderful World of Multiples”


Photography and Design by Zaharoula Harris



Photography Book


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The Wonderful World of Multiples
Zaharoula wow!!!!!!!!! amazing, i love them so very much. You are so talented. You captured me & my girls to a t. I will treasure these photos for ever. You have given me such a...

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